Sharon Sibyl Gatt

Actor, Writer

Maltese, currently in London.
Photography by Wing Chau
About Me

Growing up amongst the fields in Malta, speaking Maltese, learning English, and informally picking up Italian via dubbed episodes of Pokémon, I spent a lot of time re-enacting scenes and mimicking accents from films.
As a teenager, I also learnt French, and worked online; creating graphics, web designing, and video editing.
I first worked as a Graphic and Web designer, before moving to London where I auditioned for drama schools, and have since taken acting classes at various institutions such as RADA, the Actor's Centre and Shakespeare's Globe. I have also completed the Director's Foundation Certificate at Raindance.

Recently I have had the pleasure of debuting and performing my writing on the London stage.

Photography by Wing Chau
Photography by Oliver Franks & Carolina Van Whye

I am also listed on Equity & Spotlight
& represented by: AC Actors.

Latest News

Shakes Pear
written/performed by Sharon Sibyl Gatt

at The Golden Goose Theatre in London,
on Saturday the 20th August 2022
as part of HEAT.
In response to our changing climate, The Golden Goose and Tripped Theatre Company host a rapid response event inspired by HEAT. ​The night brings together artists from across London to perform their takes on the prompt.

Networking in the Late 1700s
Written by Sharon Sibyl Gatt
Directed by Miranda Mackay
Sharon Sibyl Gatt as Mary Wollstonecraft
Natalie Sanderson as Mary Shelley
at The Pleasance theatre in London,
on Sunday the 29th of May
as part of Glass Splinters.
I have also learnt archery, had my first directed short-film "Hopeful" screened at The Electric Palace Hastings, and my screenplay was selected for the Malta Film Festival.
I would love to work more on Film & TV.

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